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2006 BMW Z4 M

Karosserie Coupe
Kraftstofftyp Petrol
Übertragung Manual
Außenfarbe Black
Innenfarbe Black
Polsterei Leather
Lenkung Lhd
he designers were able to completely indulge in the Z4 Coupe, which translates into a rock-solid and timeless design. The huge hips the car has been given make this sporty coupe a brutal appearance. However, some subtle features betray the M status of this Z4; a subtle rise at the rear of the trunk lid, the understated diffuser and four exhaust pipes complete the Coupe at the rear. For those following behind, there can no longer be any doubt: This is a sports car! The figures of this 3.2L six-cylinder don't lie either: 343hp and a maximum torque of 365 NM. This engine block debuted in the M3 version of the BMW E46 where it was voted "Engine of the Year" several times during these years of service. No fewer than 85,000 units of this now-legendary BMW M3 model were sold, but with a production total of 4,581 cars produced, of which only 1,714 were European versions, this Z4 M Coupe is a whole lot rarer.

A mere five seconds takes the sprint to 100 km/h and the Z4 M continues to accelerate smoothly to an electronically limited top speed of 250 km/h. For those with poor self-control, this M Coupe is not recommended; speeds are reached with such ease that the driver's license could be at stake at least once on every drive. When downshifting, a breathtakingly beautiful sound emanates from the front. The raucous reverb emitted by the six-in-line pierces through the marrow, with the engine sounding so spectacular, especially in the upper rev regions, that you can never forget it. The engine shoots easily toward eight thousand rpm and it seems to have an endless amount of pulling power at its disposal. When upshifting, the revs drop and an addictive deep heavy roar comes in. In the Z4, you're practically on the rear axle, but the powerplant in this case is behind the front axle, which makes for perfect weight distribution. The 343 hp get enough traction on the rear wheels to transmit all its power, assisted by Traction Control and a stiff chassis makes for a very fine combination. The M suspension is lowered by 10 mm and is equipped with a limited-slip differential which should ensure sufficient grip on the rear axle. With the Sport button pressed, the accelerator pedal receives more response from the driver and reacts faster to changes.

The braking system the Z4 M Coupe inherits from the M3 CSL, which in practice means powerful brakes that guarantee stable roadholding during braking. Cornering is not at all shunned by the M Coupe, indeed; it likes to seek it out. The suspension is so nicely balanced that it almost dances through the bends, only small movements are needed for the Z4 to flow smoothly through the corner, and the suspension is firmly sprung in the process. This, of course, has always been the intention: a sports car should have a tight and sporty suspension. The combination of all this ensures that this BMW Z4 M will go down in history as a true driver's car at heart.

Our BMW Z4 M Coupe in beautiful sapphire black metallic was delivered in 2006 in Belgium to the first owner, who had the car richly equipped with options such as;

- Anthracite headlining
- Walknappaschwarz leather
- M Sport seats
- Leather multifunction steering wheel
- Electric seats with memory
- Parking distance control
- Xenon headlights, with headlamp washers
- Cruise control
- Navigation PRO
- Comprehensive Hi-Fi system PRO
- ...

Both inside and out, this Z4 is in beautiful condition! The seats sit superbly, provide ample support and are electrically adjustable at every possible angle and direction. The small thicker M steering wheel sits incredibly well in the hand and also the gearshift, which is small and well positioned near the driver's seat, seeks your hand as if by itself. The navigation system, the radio system with DVD player and the on-board computer are operated using the buttons on the center console. By the way, there are not many buttons in the Z4 M Coupe, which only further accentuates the sports car feel. The completed service book and low mileage emphasize that this is a lover's car, which was used only during the best conditions.

The Z4 M Coupe is a fantastic car to behold, its lines conquering many a person where the heart beats even faster at the sight of the M badges. The car makes a great impression while driving, largely caused by the sublime six-in-line. The steering is so direct that hair-trigger cornering is possible, requiring some guts to drive the Z4 M to the limit. Just look for a faster coupe in this segment that is actually as good as this Z4 M. After all, it totally lives up to the cry of "Freude am Fahren".

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