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1982 Mercedes-Benz 280-SL

Karosserie Convertible
Kraftstofftyp Petrol
Übertragung Automatic
Außenfarbe Grey metallic
Innenfarbe Cognac
Polsterei Leather
The "280SL" model, as a component in Mercedes' already existing R107 series, was launched in 1974. The model was introduced at the time of the oil crisis, as a more fuel-efficient alternative to the then large V8 engines. For the R107, however, this was not a step backward, but a giant leap forward. The introduction of the 6-cylinder inline engine with injection brought a major shift in public perception about the "Mercedes-Benz" brand and especially the R107 series. Previously, the SL was more of a heavy, cumbersome car without much driving feel, due to the heavy V8 engine in the nose combined with a sluggish automatic transmission.

The smooth 6-cylinder immediately transformed the car's character from conservative to sporty convertible. The 2.8-liter inline engine produced 185 hp and 238 Nm of torque, with a top speed of +200km/h. The replacement of the V8 engine also brought with it the introduction of a manual transmission in the R107 series, which only strengthened the sporty caracter of the car. Driving this car is smooth and comfortable, the steering effortless and precise, exactly as you might expect from a Mercedes.
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