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2001 Citroën Mehari-Trailer

€ 14950

Citroën Mehari trailer | Extensively restored | 2001


- Extensively restored in 2023
- Very good condition
- Brenderup trailer as basis
- Made in Mehari style
- Including lighting

Citroën Mehari trailer for sale
We offer for sale this beautiful and unique Citroën Mehari trailer from 2001. This trailer was extensively restored in 2023 by an experienced hobbyist and is in very good condition. It is a custom-made trailer from the Brenderup brand. The trailer is covered with Mehari panels, which creates a unique combination when towed behind a Citroën Mehari. This combination is ideal for use for promotional purposes, food truck, mini camper or to visit shows and events.

The trailer is available with matching Mehari at an additional cost. The combination price of the Mehari including the trailer is € 49,950.

Want to buy a Citroën Mehari trailer?
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