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1968 Porsche 911 S

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Karosserie Coupe
Kilometerzähler 35900
Kraftstofftyp Petrol
Motor 1991 cc
Übertragung Manual
Außenfarbe Blue metallic
Innenfarbe Black
Polsterei Leather and cloth
Lenkung Lhd
VIN-Nummer 119300058
Porsche 911 2.0 S LWB, 170 hp injection version, built in September 1968.
Coming from a big Porsche collection, completely restored and kept in maniacal way, it is now in excellent condition, ready to be used.
Matching Numbers and Matching Colors with rare "6853 Blue Metallic" color.
French origin re-registered in Italy in 2012 with CRS and Porsche Italy certification.
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