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1965 Humber Snipe Super Snipe MKV

NZ$ 27500

Body Saloon
Odometer 105301 miles
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2965 cc
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Green
Interior Color Green
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
1965 Humber Super Snipe MkV
A British Car Of High Quality!

Humber's last hurrah was its modernised Snipe - a masterpiece in automobile engineering!

It was a car of high quality - a car where you can stretch your legs and spread your chest in. A car that contrives to be extremely spacious without being unwieldy.

Full marks to Rootes for this very handsome car.


Only three owners - first for 43 years, Second for approx 1 year, third owner 11 years.
The interior and mechanical arrangements of this dignified British car remain virtually unchanged from the MK1 except for the larger engine (it has grown from 2.6-litres to a six-cylinder to a 2,965 c.c., the power output going up from 112 b.h.p. to 129.5 b.h.p) - the engine has lost none of the smoothness and quiet-running but the extra power is noticeable by reason of even better acceleration and a top speed.
The power unit, an imposing under-bonnet inmate, has cross-pushrod actuation of inclined o.h. valves and accepts the Laycock overdrive from absurdly low speeds, so that this can be virtually a one-gear car.
The imposing kerbside appearance of the modern Humber Super Snipe, ruggedness being suggested by the substantial bumpers, wide grille and big wheels, is matched by particularly well-thought-out and comprehensive interior equipment, which extends to folding, burr-walnut tables, twin ash-trays and cigar-lighter for the back-compartment passengers. The facia is also in burr-walnut, with do0r cappings, but not sills, to match, with sensible instrumentation and a big, lockable cubby-hole to supplement deep wells in the front doors.
The doors shut with the quality-action beloved by vintage-car devotees, they have sill interior locks, and the wrap-round screen does not impede entry, while bonnet and luggage-boot lid open automatically on being released.
Heater controls are sensibly arranged, a clock is provided, the rapid action of winding-down the driver’s window was appreciated, and the floor is lavishly carpeted. A full horn-ring sounds a warning of approach.
In brief, this Humber is a sensibly and luxuriously-equipped 100-m.p.h. saloon. It will presumably be driven mostly by big-boned businessmen in bowler hats, who will appreciate its top-gear ability to reach 80 m.p.h. very quickly indeed.
This Super Snipe is, no doubt, a better proposition in Borg Warner automatic transmission/Hydrosteer power-steering form.
The suspension gives a very comfortable, slightly lively ride and only mild tremors penetrate to the body structure. Road noise is absent, the car is mechanically silent save for very faint transmission sounds, and wind noise is negligible except for the odd hiss past the quarter-windows.
Heaps of Provenance accompany this car.
This latest Super Snipe is a significant model in the Rootes’ range, individualistic, extremely comfortable. No doubt that many successful and talented people will find this impressive and comfortable 3-litre Humber very close to the ideal.

Rare car to come by nowadays.

Will be sold WOF'd and Registered if sold in New Zealand.


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